Battlefield 2042 ‘Battlehub’ teaser reveals classic Bad Company 2 map remaster

Liam Mackay
Bad Company 2 map spotted in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s “REDACTED” gameplay experience, believed to be titled ‘Battlehub,’ is yet to be revealed. However, a new teaser for the mode appears to confirm that it will feature a classic map from Bad Company 2.

We’re fast approaching October when we’ll finally get to experience the full Battlefield 2042 multiplayer experience. We have a ton of information on the game’s sprawling, dynamic maps, and its lineup of Specialists. However, one multiplayer experience is still “REDACTED” ahead of its reveal at EA Play on July 22.

This mode is believed to be called ‘Battlehub’ and will feature fan-favorite maps from previous Battlefield games. DICE released a short in-game teaser for the mode, and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a classic Battlefield: Bad Company 2 map inside.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson has previously reported that Battlefield 2042 would bring back a ton of classic maps in a new game mode. He believes it may be called ‘Battlehub,’ but that may have changed.

His reports were potentially confirmed when DICE revealed that the secret mode is “created as a love letter” to core fans, and allows players to “enter the wide universe of Battlefield.”

We’ll need to wait until EA Play on July 22 for the full reveal, but Reddit user and small YouTuber VickeP_ spotted something interesting in Battlefield 2042’s in-game teaser.

Among the distorted images, VickeP_ spotted some landmarks that bear striking resemblance to Bad Company 2’s Valparaiso map.

Valparaiso was a hectic Rush map, where players would need to advance through several distinct landmarks such as a fishing village and lighthouse. This map provided the true Battlefield experience, with vehicles, assault troopers, and snipers all having their role to play. From its featuring in the in-game teaser, we can expect that Valparaiso will receive a remaster in Battlefield 2042.

Henderson has listed several of the other classic maps he believes will be remastered in Battlefield 2042, such as:

  • Metro
  • Locker
  • Wake Island
  • Siege of Shanghai
  • Arica Harbor
  • Caspian Border

Much more will be revealed about Battlefield 2042’s ‘Battlehub’ mode at EA Play, but it’s shaping up to be an exciting new addition to the franchise.

Image Credit: EA / DICE