A cheat provider is unfortunately already offering hacks for Battlefield 2042

Joseph Pascoulis
Battlefield 2042 hacks

Cheaters and hackers are the bane of every serious competitive gamer’s experience, and unfortunately, it seems Battlefield 2042 may not be exempt.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Battlefield 2042, as players now have much more information on the game, thanks to the showcase at EA Play Live this year.

Not only are players excited for the classic multiplayer, but the new Portal mode looks great, too, allowing players to customize their experience and use content from DICE’s previous games in the franchise.

However, we’ve found some worrying information regarding cheats being made for the highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 title.

Battlefield 2042 hacks

A website that we will only be giving notice to create awareness has been offering cheats and hacks for DICE’s upcoming release, Battlefield 2042.

The game isn’t even out yet, with the release set for October 22, 2021, so the advertising of these hacks already has caused frustration and concern in the community, as players fear the new game may be affected heavily by cheaters.

A future release date hasn’t stopped those selling hacks, as we’ve found a website advertising their hacks for use even in the upcoming Open Beta, which is set for early September for those who preorder the game.

Battlefield 2042 cheat provider

The website is called iwantcheats, and they seem to be advertising a variety of hacks for Battlefield 2042, including Cheat Radar and Aimbot.

The website also explains how safe it is to use these hacks, making it look even more enticing for those who are interested in becoming a cheater.

“Safety and undetectability are top priorities for IWantCheats. Our Battlefield 2042 Hack is confirmed to be undetected, as we always update the second a new patch comes out from the developer.”

This is extremely worrying to see, especially as the website also has “over 1,2 million registered users,” who they claim have never been banned from any Battlefield game in the past.

Further, they state on the website that game developers don’t have access to the “advanced features like safety shields or proxy IPs” to be able to ban players and catch them. The website also claims that they update their hacks “the second a new patch comes out from the developer.”

This is more than worrying for those looking to experience Battlefield 2042 in a cheat-free environment, as we know how these hackers have ruined the experience for legit players on games like Warzone and Apex Legends.

We don’t want Battlefield 2042 to be ruined by cheaters, so spread awareness, and hopefully, we can stop websites like these from promoting their game-breaking products.

There is no doubt that players are hoping that EA and Dice will be able to implement a strong anti-cheat that will be able to stop hacks from cheat providers like this in their tracks before they ruin the experience of non-cheating players.

For more, make sure you check out our recent article on the expected PC requirements for Battlefield 2042.

Image Credits: DICE / iwantcheats

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