Defeating BG3’s Grym is easier than you think thanks to one simple trick

Stephanie Zucarelli
BG3 Grym in Grymforge

Facing the Grym in Grymforge is one of the toughest fights you’ll encounter at the end of Act 1 in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, a player explained that a simple trick can make the whole ordeal easier.

Everyone knows that you can’t miss Grymforge when you’re finishing Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1. Visiting this giant forge doesn’t only grant you some of the best armor you’ll get during your whole adventure but will also make you face the Grym.

This massive Adamantine golem will wake up as soon as you try to use the legendary forge, and some reckon that this is one of the toughest fights if you don’t have a strategy to defeat him.

This is especially true for newcomers since the Grym is immune to damage unless it has the Superheated debuff. This can only be applied if players manage to push it into the lava, which is a difficult thing to calculate in a battle that’s close quarters. If they do so, they then have to lure it to the middle of the forge and time it perfectly so they can hit the golem with the giant hammer.

This might sound like a direct strategy, but the timing of these actions has to be almost perfect for them to work. In an Honour Mode run, even the slightest mistake could mean that the Grym chooses to squish one of your companions while you try to lure him. Luckily, a player realized a trick that may seem obvious, but it makes the whole ordeal much simpler.

grym defeated in baldur's gate 3
The Grym can only be affected by bludgeoning weapons.

“I was fighting Grym and wanted to use the classic hammer. Except it somehow passed the check and the illusion disappeared. That’s when I had the epiphany that the hammer deals bludgeoning damages and grym is vulnerable to it,” described the player in Baldur’s Gate 3 Subreddit.

The OP then went on to describe that they used Karlach, which was using a Berserker Thrower build, and had her throwing her pike to knock the Grym prone. Fans said that this is something that you can easily realize if you inspect every enemy before facing it, and even pointed out that you can get the same result by using the infamous Open Hand Monk build.

“The designers of the forge in the afterlife watching as 4 guys beat their robot made of adamantium forged with the massive hammer into sheet metal with their bare hands,” joked a player.

Defeating the Grym is quite a challenge during Act 1, but there are other bosses that take the title of the meanest enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you want to know how to defeat them, check how to face Yurgir or the best strategies to take down the Apostle of Myrkul.

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