Baldur’s Gate 3 players warn against “overlooked” battle in Mountain Pass

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Flaming Fist turning into a Mind Flayer

Larian Studios hid dangerous battles in Baldur’s Gate 3, and some players are surprised to one of the most challenging battles of the game right at the beginning of Act 2.

Baldur’s Gate 3 main story has hidden enemies all over its map, and players need to be ready for any surprise that pops up as they try to stop the Mind Flayers’ invasion. While there are obvious battle settings during the adventure through Faerun, players warned other fans to keep an eye out for an impromptu battle during Act 2.

In a Reddit post called “Y’all ain’t hating on this fight enough”, the OP ‘amaterastfu’ explained that encountering Death Shepherds in the first part of the Mountain Pass took them by surprise. “Spend the last half hour whack-a-moling the Shepherds whilst they jerked each other back into existence. On top of that, the posse of zombies that will either paralyze you with their claws, or rob you an action with their b*llshit stench,” they described.

Fans agreed that the battle against Death Shepherds in the Trielta Crags was especially challenging since players arrive at that point when they’re first getting a feel of what Act 2 has in store. While this battle can be avoided if players choose to travel through the Underdark, this seemingly unimportant battle was rated an unpleasant surprise for those who chose the Mountain Pass.

“It is one of the fights that can absolutely wipe your party if you don’t know it is coming and are not prepared. There is likely no shortage of players who decided to walk around the map a bit before going to the crèche, since it is usually wise to leave the obvious “big location” for last, and then they get clapped by these guys due to being low level,” commented Redditor ‘Gabby-Abeille.’

Some Baldur’s Gate 3 players fairly pointed out that this battle was difficult because the OP might have been “too low level”: “Yeah, I fought them at level 4, and then at level 5, there was a very big difference. People should try to prioritize getting to the 5th level before exploring advanced stuff (like the Mountain Pass),” they said.

While other players gave some insightful tricks to quickly end the Death Shepard’s fight, there’s one method that left fans in awe: “Not exactly the most heroic option, but I killed one of the Death Shepherds and then had Karlach pick up the body and put it in her inventory. She’s instantly over-encumbered, but it kept the other one from reanimating its buddy, and I was able to finish the fight without too much trouble,” described Redditor ‘1MoreAnnoyingWriter.’

And that’s everything about the Baldur’s Gate 3 “overlooked” battle against Death Shepards in Act 2. If you want to know more about the game, you can check why players think that a Gauntlet of Shar’s interaction is “the stuff of nightmares,” and how to get the broken Iron Flask monster during Act 1.

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