Baldur’s Gate 3 mod brings Star Wars Lightsabers to Faerun

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Lightsaber mod

Larian Studios provided plenty of amazing features for Baldur’s Gate 3, but the mod community has also been creating dedicated content to connect Faerun with other fan-favorite franchises.

Baldur’s Gate 3 lets players customize their adventure with an insane amount of options, allowing them to choose from their classes to their backgrounds. The mod community has also introduced a hefty amount of content to personalize Larian Studios’ RPG, but the latest feature has amazed fans who love the opportunity of mixing Star Wars with a Dungeons & Dragons setting.

The user Palmaman33 released in Nexus Mod a set of downloadable content that gives players the chance to play with Lightsabers. The mod introduced 5 color variants (Red, Green, Purple, and Yellow) and 5 types of rarity (Legendary, Very Rare, Rare, Uncommon, and Common).

As spotted first by GamerRant, content creator Palmaman33 was also behind a plethora of gun mods for Baldur’s Gate 3. These included a Flintlock Musket, M1911 pistol, Colt Python revolver, AKM Assault Rifle, Barrett M82 sniper rifle, and an RPG-7.

The modder also uploaded a customization option that adds sunglasses and a cigar to characters, gives players a set of Emerald Dice, and also a greatsword in the shape of a giant spoon.

Baldur's Gate 3 LightSabers
Lightsabers can also be used by dual-wielding characters.

How to install the Lightsaber mod in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you’re interested in giving your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure a taste of the Star Wars universe, here’s how to install the Lightsaber mod on PC:

  1. Download the latest version of BG3 Mod Manager and extract the .zip file.
  2. Launch the application and select the Baldur’s Gate 3 installation directory. Now you’re ready to install mods.
  3. Go to Palmaman33’s Lightsaber-Star Wars Mod post in NexusMods and download it.
  4. Open the BG3 Mod Manager, go to File>Import Mod, and select the mod you wish to install.
  5. When you click the Refresh button, the recently installed mod should appear under the Inactive section on the right. You’ll need to drag the mod over to the Active section on the left to install it.
  6. Finally, select Save Load Order to File, and then click on Export Order to Game. You will find these icons just below the topmost toolbar.
  7. Now, you can quit the app and enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3 with your installed mods.

And that’s everything about the Baldur’s Gate 3 Lightsaber mod that has been amazing players. If you want to know more about the game, check what hidden secrets “95% of people miss,” according to fans and how to get the Leave No One Behind achievement.

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