Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get The Blood of Lathander

Stephanie Zucarelli
Lae'zel taking the blood of Lathander in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Legendary weapons grant players incredible buffs, although they might be a little tricky to unlock. If you want to get one during Act 1, here’s everything you need to get to the Rosymorn Monastery and unlock The Blood of Lathander.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a short list of Legendary weapons, and only players curious enough get to discover how to get them. While most can be found during the late stages of the game, there’s one incredible mace that gives players a major advantage while crossing the Shadowlands.

The Blood of Lathander gives players powerful Radiant buffs and grants a Level 6 Evocation Spell that destroys any enemy in the first acts. Getting it can be a little bit tricky since it’s locked behind a puzzle, and trying to steal it can lead to the entire Githyanki Creche and Rosymorn Monastery getting destroyed.

If you’re wondering how to get The Blood of Lathander in Act 1, here’s everything you need to know.

How to get The Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to complete a couple of quests before being able to retrieve The Blood of Lathander.

Rosymorn Monastery in Baldur's Gate 3
You can find The Blood of Lathander in Rosymorn Monastery.

You’ll first need to start the “Find The Blood of Lathander” quest, which you’ll get after reaching the central room on the first floor of the Rosymorn Monastery (X:74, Y:66).

The room will be in shambles, so you’ll need to interact with the plaque on the central statue to discover a reference to The Blood of Lathander and add the quest to your journal. After you have done this, you need to gather the Ceremonial Weapons to complete the Dawnmaster’s puzzle.

How to complete the Dawnmasters’ puzzle

The Ceremonial Weapons puzzle is located on the top floor of the Rosymorn Monastery.

Here’s every Ceremonial weapon location:

  • Ceremonial Longsword: You’ll find it already on Dawmaster Welkinglory’s pedestal (X: 70, X:77).
  • Ceremonial Battleaxe: Go through the Enchanted Door (X:92, Y: 45), clear the furniture barricade and defeat the Guardian of Faith.
    • You’ll need to throw it on top of Dawnmaster Vaseid’s pedestal (X: 74, Y69).
  • Ceremonial Warhammer: Climb the knotted roots across the Enchanted Door. You’ll discover a couple of giant eagles that can quickly turn hostile if they see you. Since the Warhammer is in their nest (X: 82, Y:39), you can convince them to give it to you with a high Charisma roll, or by distracting and stealing the weapon.
    • After getting it, throw it on top of Dawnmaster Seed’s pedestal (X: 77, Y: 75).
  • Mace: Any mace should work here. If you’re already carrying a mace, you throw it directly on top of Dawnmaster Stockhold’s pedestal (X:75, Y:71). If you don’t have any mace on you, you can get a Rusty Mace at X:85, Y:32.

After completing the Dawnmasters puzzle, you’ll see an opening appear in the wall at X:74, Y:75.You’ll find a pouch containing a note and the Dawnmaster’s Crest. Keep it with you to get to the “Find The Blood of Lathander” quest’s next stage.

How to solve the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle

Get to the Inquisitor’s Chamber in X:1357, Y:-666. You can first finish the storyline with the Githyanki Inquisitor, but we recommend you sneak past them without triggering the cutscene so you can get The Blood of Lathander first.

Dawnmasters Puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3
The Blood of Lathander is ready for the taking once you solve the Dawnmaster’s Puzzle.

Head to the room to the left of the entrance, where you’ll see two statues facing different directions. You’ll need to spin the statue on the right to make it face East, and you’ll need to spin the other to face West.

However, the West statue is stuck, and you’ll need to pass a high Athletics check to move it. You can also throw a bottle of Grease at the bottom of the statue to get it moving.

As both statues get set in position, you’ll hear the narrator say “Lathander blesses the rising, bountiful sun,” and open a secret passageway.

How to collect The Blood of Lathander

After heading through the secret passageway, you’ll see a long hall that’s divided by translucent doors. You can’t pass through them head-on, so you’ll need to look for the blue Energy Crystals, and destroy them with long-ranged attacks.

Some Energy Crystals are only reachable with Fly, so we recommend making sure you have a scroll or someone in your party who can cast it so you can easily get around the translucent doors.

Inside the last room, you’ll notice a red staircase, where The Blood of Lathander will be on top of a glowing pedestal.

That’s how to get The Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you want to know more about Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check out our guides list below.

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