Secret nerfs for Caustic and Bangalore in Apex Legends Chaos Theory update

Hamza Khalid
Caustic and Bangalore in Apex Legends

The Chaos Theory Collection Event brought a ton of changes to Apex Legends, including some secret ones that aren’t mentioned in the patch notes. Caustic and Bangalore’s abilities received some nerfs as a result.

There were many welcome changes in Apex Legends when the Chaos Theory Collection Event went live on March 9. This includes quite a few buffs and nerfs for certain Legends that helped balance them out.

However, a few players came across a change that wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the patch notes for the update. Both Caustic and Bangalore have received secret nerfs to the smoke effect caused by their abilities.

Caustic's Toxic Gas in Apex Legends

Secret smoke/gas nerfs in Apex Legends

When players jumped into the battle royale after the latest update patch, a few of them began to notice almost right away that the gas and smoke in the game looked thinner than before.

One player, @psyycheout, posted a clip that showcases this. Caustic’s gas canister has been nerfed so that it’s much easier to see through, and also deals less damage than before.

This isn’t just limited to Caustic either, as Apex players have also noticed the same difference in Bangalore’s smoke effects from her abilities.

Fans started forming their own theories about what this might be. Some speculated that this could be a bug, but Respawn dev Eric Hewitt has confirmed this was an intentional change they added to reduce the particle FX count for these Legends’ abilities.

This has the added effect of increased visibility through the smoke and gas, which makes them less effective during combat. So far, the devs haven’t given a reason for this change, and it’s sure to upset some Bangalore mains.

The change still hasn’t been added to the event’s patch notes, so we’ll keep checking for updates on this. Once Respawn announce something, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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