Respawn hint at big change coming to Apex Legends Golden Guns

Apex Legends Golden Guns

Apex Legends developers have hinted at some welcome changes for the battle royale’s pool of fully kitted Golden Guns, as many fans complained about not being able to change the sights that they have equipped.

When you jump into a match of Apex Legends, you’ll have to search around the area for some gear that will help you kit out your weapons with attachments and hop-ups. There are different tiers that are marked with different glowing colors.

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Golden Guns, also known as fully kitted weapons, are the best ones that you can find in the midst of battle. These come with some nifty attachments already equipped, but a lot of players have issues with the sights.

Gold Peacekeeper in Apex Legends

Since the fully kitted weapons come with pre-equipped attachments, players aren’t able to select a sight of their choosing. This can be particularly irritating if the attachment isn’t the best fit for the weapon, since that can put you at a serious disadvantage.

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Many fans, including a few Apex pros, have asked Respawn to bring a change to this feature. Cloud9’s Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore sent out a tweet to a dev, requesting that they allow fans to change optics on Golden Guns.

In exchange for this change, he promised Respawn’s Josh Medina a tier 3 sub on Twitch. The developer then replied with a simple “!remindme,” referencing Reddit’s reminder system for when there’s a new change.

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This has led to many Apex players speculating that Respawn are about to introduce a major change to the battle royale’s Golden Guns. Medina’s replies were filled with enthusiastic responses to his brief message.

However, just like with adjusting Legend hitboxes, this kind of change can cause balancing issues in the game. Since players are currently unable to pick attachments for these rare weapons, they can’t become too overpowered.

Respawn will have to be careful when implementing a change like this, and we probably won’t see it come into fruition until the start of a future season. Once there’s a new update regarding this, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment