PC and console Apex Legends players react to mobile-exclusive Snow Grenade

apex legends mobile snow grenade

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 officially dropped on June 15, and PC and console Apex players are once again jealous of the new content.

Despite the Apex Legends 13.1 patch dropping soon, which is set to bring new content and a fresh update to the game, PC and console players are seemingly frustrated about the new content that mobile players are getting.

With Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, players were gifted Loba from the main game and some more exclusive features. Apex Legends players were already jealous of Fade, the mobile-exclusive Legend, but now there’s new content they wish was in the HD version of Apex.

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apex legends mobile season 2

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 was released on June 15, introducing a heap of new content for handheld players. The season is called Cold Snap, and has a strong winter theme, with the Climitizer on the World’s Edge spreading snow across the map.

As well as Loba joining the Apex Legends Mobile roster in Season 2, the devs also decided to add a brand new Snow Grenade, adding to the winter theme.

This is pretty significant considering the main game has never added a new Ordnance, leaving players with the Arc Star, Grenade, and Thermite.

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This new Apex Legends Mobile Ordnance does damage and slows enemies, leaving them exposed to even more damage.

It’s this new combat item that has caused the community to feel slightly frustrated and jealous of the new mobile content, with some even claiming that the mobile community “get everything good.”

In the comments of the AlphaIntel Twitter post showcasing the new grenade, players expressed their opinions. One user even stated: “Wow mobile gets all the new things. The money we have spent as a community we can’t get those or cross progression.”

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While Apex Legends players on PC and console may not get this new Snow Grenade, hopefully, Season 14 will bring some new content such as leaked Legend Vantage.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment