How to get Apex Legends Chatsworth Girl charm

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Chatsworth Girl

In commemoration of Respawn Entertainment’s award-winning short film, Colette, Apex Legends players have been gifted a free Chatsworth Girl charm.

Apex Legends players were finally given a new update following a fairly “dry spell” in the form of the Genesis Collection Event. The event brought an origins theme with new cosmetics, the original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge takeover, and a free reward tracker with challenges.

Apart from all this, for those who could get into the game, following typical new update server issues, Respawn Entertainment gifted players a new Chatsworth Girl charm to commemorate a World War II French resistance fighter.

Colette, Respawn Entertainment

The new Genesis patch saw a variety of changes enter the game, from Legend updates to weapon buffs and nerfs. As well as all this, we also got to see some new cosmetics in the event store and tracker, including Revenant’s highly anticipated Heirloom, the Dead Man’s Curve.

Apex Legends Chatsworth Girl

For those not experiencing the server issues, players also received a free charm upon logging into the game. The charm is called Chatsworth Girl and refers to Respawn Entertainment’s award-winning short documentary, “Collette.”

The charm features a World War II bomber, with the caption:

“This charm commemorates the Chatsworth Girl, a legendary bomber that went down over Europe only to rise again during a daring escape. Issued in celebration of Respawn’s short documentary, Colette, winning an Academy Award!”

Charms can be placed on a weapon of your choice by going to “Loadouts,” selecting a weapon of your choice, and clicking on Charms which will pop up on the top right of the screen.

If you’re someone who enjoyed this documentary or maybe watched it after receiving the charm, this would be a great way to commemorate the development team, as well as the story of Colette, who is the French resistance fighter at the center of the true tale.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment