Hilarious Apex Legends bug switches Gibraltar and Pathfinder models

Hamza Khalid

The Winter Express LTM has seen a few glitches since it went live in Apex Legends Season 7, and one of these is switching Legend’s models. One player saw this happen with Gibraltar and Pathfinder.

Your Legend’s appearance is a notable aspect of Apex Legends. Every character has a colorful and distinctive look that sets them apart from the others. You can identify a Legend from a distance by their unique design and then plan your attack accordingly.

The Winter Express LTM has seen its share of bugs ever since it went live. One of these alters your Legend’s appearance by swapping the model with another Legend. You have the abilities of the character you picked but the look of someone else, entirely.

In one instance, the bug swapped Gibraltar and Pathfinder’s models, and the results were hilarious.

Respawn Entertainment

Reddit user u/NewOldSchoool posted a clip of the bug in the Apex Legends subreddit. They were playing on the Winter Express when Gibraltar grappled into them out of nowhere and took them down. This came as a huge shock since Gibraltar isn’t one of the most mobile characters.

This was actually someone playing with Pathfinder. They had swapped models with Gibraltar and you can see this in the clip below.

The bug looks quite funny, but it can be annoying since you can’t predict when it will happen. If you don’t know who you’re up against, then you can’t fight back properly. This is especially irritating if the model’s hitbox is smaller than the actual Legend’s. You can’t hit them accurately as a result. 

It’s not entirely clear how you can trigger this bug, but some players reported this happening when they changed characters at the last possible second before dropping in. If you time this right, you can enter the game with the abilities and HUD of a different Legend.

Gibraltar's Holo-Day Bash Apex Legends skin

The glitch does come with a few advantages. If you manage to pull it off, your enemies will find it harder to hit you due to your uncertain hitbox. You’ll also have the element of surprise on your side since your foes will expect an entirely different attack than what you dish out.

This isn’t the only bug that has plagued the Winter Express LTM. There is also a strange glitch that traps players in boxes on the train. The LTM will probably be getting a new update patch soon, and we’ll keep checking for when it does.