Crazy Apex Legends monitor bug gives players wall hacks

Hamza Khalid
New wallglitch found in Apex Legends

One Apex Legends player found a wall hack in the form of a bug with the aspect ratio on an ultrawide monitor. This lets you see through solid objects, and fans are labeling it as “pay-to-win.

Apex Legends players are no strangers to glitches. Even the Legacy update had a hilarious bug in the new in-game emotes. Now, a new one has been found with the aspect ratio on an ultrawide monitor.

These are often much more expensive than screens with normal proportions, but make your gaming experience feel much larger. One Apex Legends player has discovered a wall hack when playing with this screen.

Wraith in Apex Legends

Reddit user Ricashea3 made a post highlighting this bug in the Apex Legends subreddit. They showed that changing the aspect ratio to fit ultrawide settings can cause the corners of the screen to look through objects.

The clip showcases Wraith moving and taking damage from the other side of the boulder in the Firing Range. “Pay to win lmao but I just hope the devs can patch this pretty quickly,” Ricashea3 wrote.

This stems from a discrepancy with the aspect ratio, and is generally believed to happen on specific screens with 32:9 settings. Apex players have seen this bug happen multiple times through a couple of seasons.

Apex players can use these ultrawide aspect ratios to exploit the wall hack, and catch their opponents by surprise. Others have also reported the same kind of glitch, but without the ability to see their enemies’ player models.

Since this bug is triggered by the aspect ratio, you might be able to replicate it on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. So far, it doesn’t seem that Respawn are aware of the issue, but they’ll likely work on a fix once it comes to their attention.

The developers tend to listen to the fans, and pay close attention to any in-game issues being experienced. They then implement bug fixes and quality-of-life changes to Apex Legends.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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