Crazy Apex Legends glitch makes player invincible

Hamza Khalid
New Apex Legends Death Box bug discovered

A strange new bug has been discovered within Apex Legends that causes players hit by a Death Box to become invincible against damage from opponents during a match.

Apex Legends players are no strangers to bugs and glitches, as they have seen their fair share in the battle royale over the past couple of years. These range from issues with Legends’ abilities, to game modes not working properly.

Many bugs have also come from the game’s Death Boxes, including glitches that have crushed players includes ones that have crushed players or caused them to spawn under staircases. Now, a new glitch has been discovered in them that prevents players from being eliminated.

Apex Legends Death Boxes

Apex Legends Death Boxes make you invincible

This glitch involves the Death Box landing on top of you, which will cause it to function a lot like an impenetrable shield. Your enemies can fire away all they want, but they will not be able to eliminate you.

Reddit user phantom56657 posted a clip of this bug in the Apex Legends subreddit. Its shows them being revived by their Lifeline teammate while playing on World’s Edge. When their enemies had them cornered, the glitch took place.

Right after Lifeline was eliminated, their Death Box landed on phantom56657 and guarded them against enemy attacks. The opponents even tried using their Ultimate abilities and grenades to lure out the player, but this was to no avail.

The invulnerability only lasts as long as the player is covered by the Death Box, so once they started to move again, they were immediately susceptible to enemy damage.

So far there’s no known way to make this bug happen on command, and even the player was confused about how exactly this happened. This means that it’s likely a one-time thing that will not get patched out anytime soon.

If you’re lucky enough to encounter this bug, then you can take advantage of the impenetrable cover provided by the Death Box to buy yourself time as you plan your next move.

Image Credits: Respawn/EA