Crazy Apex Legends glitch is letting players hide in Supply Bins and destroy enemies

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends hidden supply bin

Apex Legends players have found a crazy glitch that allows them to hide in Supply Bins and surprise enemies.

Apex Legends Season 14 is well underway, and while some players are finding valuable tips and tricks for the brand-new Legend Vantage, others are finding glitches and bugs.

Glitches can often be very frustrating, as one bug even caused players to miss out on rewards. Having said that, some can bring entertainment and amusement, such as players loading into matches with the wrong abilities.

It seems Supply Bins are currently the source for glitches at the moment, as not only have players found a glitch that can generate unlimited loot, but now they have found a way to use Supply Bins as a tactical hiding spot.

Reddit user TTVSnaps highlighted this new glitch over on the Apex Legends subreddit, showing a clip of them being absolutely destroyed by players who jumped out of a closed Supply Bin.

In the clip, the player is extremely surprised as they run towards a Supply Bin looking for loot, but are suddenly ambushed by two players. If you watch the clip carefully, you can actually see one of the enemy players clipping outside of the Supply Bin before the player opens it.

Oddly enough, this glitch allows players to wiggle inside and shut the bin, leaving the player hidden. Players are reacting to this crazy glitch in the comments of the post, with one looking to prevent it from happening to them, saying “note to self: play Bloodhound from now on…”

Others are making fun of the glitch, sarcastically commenting “that’s terrible loot,” and “great loot… if you can kill them.”

Respawn will likely address this issue, as it’s clearly not a fair or intentional strategy. Perhaps a patch will come before the Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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