Clever Apex Legends Wattson trick catches enemies in deadly trap

Wattson in Apex Legends

Wattson is capable of stunning her enemies, and Apex Legends players have discovered a neat trick involving her electric Perimeter Security that lets them set traps for opponents.

Apex Legends features a whopping 19 different Legends to choose from, and Wattson received major buffs in Season 11, improving her kit. Her fences help you defend your team’s strongholds.

However, a few players have found some inventive new uses for this character’s abilities, as one clever trick allows Wattson to bait opponents into a deadly trap with her Perimeter Security.

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apex legends wattson fences

Twitch streamer jay_kinny showcased this trick in a clip that was shared in the Apex Legends subreddit. Players can interrupt Wattson’s electric fence by blocking its link to a node, and this can be used to your advantage.

The clip shows the streamer placing a Perimeter Security pylon outside of the building they retreated to and then connected it to another inside. They then blocked the nodes so that the fence was hidden.

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One unlucky opponent turned around the corner and Wattson sidestepped to activate the Perimeter Security. This led to the enemy being stunned and killed before the same thing happened to another foe.

This tactic can help you entrap multiple opponents before taking them out and serves as a great way for you to buy yourself the opportunity to heal without enemies killing you before you’re done.

Apex Legends players often experiment with the different characters and this lets them discover clever new tricks like this, as well as the Ash and Valkyrie combo that lets you fly around the map.

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So, the next time you’re playing as Wattson, you can try out this tactic to bait enemies into her electric trap while healing or camping.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment