Clever Apex Legends Rampart trick counters Caustic campers

Hamza Khalid
Rampart in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have discovered a neat little trick with Rampart’s abilities that allows them to trap, and then annihilate camping Caustic enemies.

There is a large variety of unique and colorful characters for you to choose from in Apex Legends. Caustic’s ability allows him to flood an entire room with gas, which can incapacitate all of its inhabitants.

However, some players tend to abuse this by camping in houses, and then using this ability to take out their opponents in a single room or closed space. This is difficult to counter, but a few players have found a way to do so with the help of Rampart’s abilities.

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Rampart in Apex Legends

Ever since her introduction in Season 6, Rampart is a legend that has struggled in terms of her popularity. This is because of her abilities only being helpful within specific conditions, so the devs have buffed her up in recent updates.

Despite this, she is extremely proficient with heavy weaponry, and her Sheila minigun can be used to dish out some serious pain. One player has discovered a way to use her abilities to counter Caustic’s gas traps.

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Reddit user rryyxn posted a clip in the Apex Legends subreddit, showcasing their encounter with a Caustic enemy that was camping in a house with gas traps. Rather than going in after him, the player tried out a much smarter strategy.

Instead, they locked the Caustic inside and threw down Rampart’s Amped Cover across the door before pulling out the Sheila minigun.

The mounted turret was able to destroy the door, and the Caustic opponent tried running across Rampart’s line of sight. However, this was a fruitless effort as rryyxn maintained the upper hand and took him out.

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Rampart veterans might have tried out this tactic before, but it’s still an impressive feat to see in action. “You’re living the dream of all Rampart players” commented Scipio_Wright.

Certain campers might try to stay out of the turret’s way, but you can still find a way to trap them by placing it in the correct position. Be sure to try this tactic out the next time you spot a camping Caustic.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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