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Apex Legends devs considering making Locked & Loaded mode permanent

One Apex Legends dev has confirmed that Respawn is considering making the Locked & Loaded loot changes permanent.



Locked & Loaded LTM in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment have stated that they just might make the Locked & Loaded mode loot changes permanent due to the praise this mode received from Apex Legends fans.

The Apex Legends Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event brought a ton of new content to the battle royale. One major inclusion was the Locked & Loaded mode, which sees all players spawn in the match with level 1 loot.

This LTM allows you to jump into the game with a basic helmet, shield, Mozambique, optic and syringes already equipped. Needless to say, this convenience made the mode popular among Apex fans, and Respawn took notice.

While the mode was only supposed to be around for a limited time, it seems that it may be here to stay.

Bangalore in Apex Legends

Reddit user blitz_na started a thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, in which they asked Respawn to consider keeping Locked & Loaded around for good. This led to a response from lead game designer Daniel Klein, who gave the fans hope.

“We are… considering [it],” he said. “Carefully. No conclusion has been reached yet. I’m personally a little worried about shortening the loot loop by removing grey loot… other than that though, it seems like all upside.”

This caused quite a stir among Apex fans, as the dev received a variety of different responses from them. Many of them felt a sense of joy at the possibility of Locked & Loaded being made permanent, while others responded far less favorably.

Locked and loaded might become permanent in Apex Legends

A few fans made it clear that they find it difficult to return to the base game after trying out the LTM, even if it was just for a short while. Others suggested that Respawn allow players to keep the grey loot, but they should still spawn without a weapon to keep things challenging.

As exciting as this sounds, it’s important to keep in mind that no conclusion has been reached yet. As Klein explained, they’re currently considering the potential downsides of implementing this change, so they’ll have to test it out for a while.

Apex Legends players can still enjoy Season 8 in the meantime and find out how to best master Fuse and the best landing spots.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment