Apex Legends devs hint at Winter Express LTM return

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends winter express ltm worlds edge train

Respawn Entertainment have suggested that the Christmas themed-LTM Winter Express could be returning in Apex Legends for December 2022, Season 15.

Apex Legends players have a lot of new content to look forward to, with Season 15 bringing a brand-new Legend, Catalyst, and new battle royale map in Broken Moon.

While players look forward to the new season, there’s still the Fight or Fright event to enjoy, which brings the Gun Run, Control, and Shadow Royale LTMs to the game over a four-week period, as well as some Halloween-themed skins.

On the topic of LTMs in Apex Legends, the devs have hinted at the return of Winter Express for Christmas 2022, a fan-favorite LTM that sees players battle it out over control of the World’s Edge train as it moves across the map’s POIs.

apex legends winter express season 11

Winter Express LTM to return in Season 15

During the Apex Legends Season 15 press event, Senior Designer Evan Nikolich was asked the question of whether the Winter Express LTM would be returning for Christmas 2022.

The Apex dev responded with “yes, there’s a chance,” hinting that the LTM is most likely returning for the holidays, which lands in Apex Legends Season 15.

While it isn’t confirmation, the wording definitely suggests that there is more of a chance of Winter Express returning than not, especially as it has been seen every Christmas since the mode’s first arrival.

This further suggests that the Holo-day Bash Christmas event could also be returning this year, as the Winter Express LTM usually comes hand-in-hand.

We’ll have to wait and see, and we’ll be sure to update this piece as Respawn release more information. For more on Apex Legends Season 15, make sure you check out the new Sticker cosmetics and the Zip Rail transport system for Broken Moon.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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