Upcoming Apex Legends Wattson nerf confirmed by Lead Game Designer

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Wattson nerf cover

After the Genesis Collection Event update, players were disappointed in the lack of Wattson changes, but it seems they’ll be even more upset now the devs have opened up about a future Apex Legends Wattson nerf.

Apex Legends has been treated to a great new update featuring an origins themed Collection Event called “Genesis.” The update not only brought changes to weapons and Legends in the update but also the original forms of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Players were fairly disappointed when they read the patch notes, as it seems the devs decided to troll fans with a Wattson buff that actually only affected her Nessie emote. However, another comment has been made on changes to the Legend, which may upset players who enjoy using her even more.

Apex Legends Wattson nerf

Apex Legends Wattson nerf

Wattson is a fairly niche character in Apex Legends, with a defensive playstyle but fairly offensive hitbox. She also contains support-like abilities, such as her Ultimate and passive shield regen.

Players have felt as if she has needed a buff for a while, but since the passive regen was introduced last season, the devs have been cautious about changes due to her high win rate.

The latest in the Wattson buff saga reveals developers’ plans to actually give her a nerf, as the Lead Designer, Daniel Klein, spoke briefly about upcoming changes on Twitter.

“She outperforms Wraith and Lifeline in winrate (and they have very similar hitboxes to her). What is true, I feel, is that her abilities aren’t FUN to use, and their power isn’t FELT. We can measure the power in games won; we can not measure how it FEELS.”

It seems the devs rate her power very highly and understand that there are some inconsistencies in how fun she can feel. However, Daniel did say that they do have work scheduled for her, but this will likely “include a nerf so we can ship it without warping the game.”

We aren’t sure how this upcoming Apex Legends Wattson nerf will look, and there’s no ETA on when it will arrive. Stay tuned on Charlie INTEL to find out the latest news on everything Apex Legends, including any potential Wattson changes.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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