Apex Legends War Games event: Skins, rewards, LTMs & more

Hamza Khalid
Wraith in Apex Legends

Some new leaks have revealed brand new details about the upcoming Apex Legends ‘War Games’ event, including the starting date, and available rewards.

Apex Legends Season 8 had a memorable launch and received a ton of brand new content through the Chaos Theory, and Anniversary Collection events. We saw the arrival of new skins, game modes, heirlooms, and more.

We can expect Respawn Entertainment to add even more new content, as there are still plenty of other events planned for this season. One of these is called War Games, and a few Apex data miners have revealed what will be in them.

Pathfinder in Apex Legends

When is the Apex Legends War Games event?

War Games sounds similar to the previously leaked Warlord event, which may have been what eventually became Chaos Theory. Thanks to notable leaker Shrugtal, we know when this event will start.

It’s not too far away, as it’s expected to go live at some point during April. The data miner predicted that it will last from April 13 to April 27. However, he mentions that it’s entirely possible for it to start at a much later date.

War Games skins, cosmetics and rewards

This event will mainly bring a collection of new cosmetics to the battle royale, so we shouldn’t expect some major map changes or a new heirloom.

A few of these new skins were recently leaked ahead of time, and now we have the prize track as well. It will reportedly include five Battle Pass levels, two charms, an epic Rampart skin, epic 30-30 Repeater skin, rare Crypto skin, and Caustic stat trackers.

Apex Legends War Games LTMs

War Games will introduce multiple new game modes to Apex Legends. The leaks indicate that there will be six which rotate on a 48-hour basis. The ones listed include Killing Tim, Flare Up, Armed Drop, Armor Regen, Auto Banners, and Second Chance.

Killing Time will make things feel more intense by shortening the Ring time, so you’ll be forced to stay on the move during mass elimination. Armed Drop starts you off with a loadout, so you’ll get to hop right into the action.

These seem interesting, and we’re curious about how they will affect the battle royale’s meta. Hopefully, we’ll see get even more details from the developers themselves soon enough.

With April not too far away, we’ll keep checking for updates, and will inform you of anything new that learn about the Apex Legends War Games event.

Image Credits: Apex Legends