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Apex Legends

New Apex Legends skins leaked for War Games, Golden Week, & Chinatown Market

Some unreleased Apex Legends skins have been leaked for future in-game events such as ‘War Games’ and ‘Golden Week.’



Apex Legends leaked skins

Data miners have uncovered some brand new Apex Legends skins that have yet to be released which will be part of future events like War Games, Golden Week, and a collab with clothing brand, Chinatown Market.

Apex Legends received a plethora of brand new content in Season 8 thanks to both the Chaos Theory, and Anniversary Collection events. This included character buffs and nerfs, as well as some neat new cosmetics.

However, it appears Respawn Entertainment have even more surprises up their sleeves for fans, as a few data miners have uncovered a ton of never-before-seen skins when digging through the game files. We’ll see these appear in future events.

Apex Legends leaked skins

This information came from notable Apex Legends data miners @Shrugtal and @SomeoneWhoLeaks. Just keep in mind that the following leaks have yet to be confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Leaked Mirage Edition skin

Respawn Entertainment provide many of the Apex Legends characters with their own edition packs which come with some exclusive new items, and usually cost $19.99, or $17.99 for EA Play members.

The Gibraltar edition launched earlier in Season 8, and it seems that Mirage is next. His edition pack, which hasn’t been officially announced yet, contains a brand new skin called ‘The Show Stopper.’

Leaked War Games event skins

When the Chaos Theory event ends on March 23, War Games is said to be the next major Apex Legends event, and some new skins have been leaked for it. A good portion of these appear to be recolored versions of skins from the Iron Crown event.

Wraith: Queen’s Guard

Revenant: Guerilla Ghoul

Lifeline: Ghost Stalker

Gibraltar: Blood and Thunder

Bloodhound: Royal Huntsmaster

Pathfinder: The Burgundy Knight

Mirage: The Swish-buckler

Chinatown Market skins

Chinatown Market is a clothing brand, and Respawn seem to be collaborating with them for some brand new Apex Legends skins.

These will be available in different bundles that you could get to make your Legend look trendy in the midst of battle.

Lifeline: Mic Check

Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado

Wraith: Ringside

Mirage: Night Crawler

Golden Week skins

Lastly, the data miners were also able to uncover a sale titled ‘Golden Week’ sale in the Apex game files. We expect to see this when Season 8 transitions into Season 9 in early May.

The leakers stated that you will be able to get these skins as part of bundles, along with the Chinatown Market skins.

Octane: Oni’s Shadow

Bloodhound: Royal Livery

So far, we don’t have any exact dates for these different events and sales since Respawn Entertainment haven’t said anything official about them.

That said, we expect them to take place at various points during Season 8. We’ll keep checking for any updates from the developers.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment