Apex Legends: best team comps for Ranked in Season 9 Legacy

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends best team comps

Here are the best team compositions for Apex Legends Ranked Leagues Season 9: Legacy to help suit you and your teammate’s playstyle.

Team composition in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues is extremely important for good chemistry and progression, especially when deciding on a certain playstyle.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at four different team comps: fast rotation, slow rotation, ultra attacking, and ultra-defensive. Keep in mind that these compositions have battle royale in mind, not the new 3v3 Arenas mode.

Apex Legends best Ranked Leagues compositions

Fast rotation: Gibraltar, Octane, and Bloodhound

Apex Legends best ranked octane

This team composition allows players to rotate fast, leave you landing POI early and gain a better position in the circle. Gibraltar provides great protection on rotation with the Dome of Protection, and of course, Octane provides the fast rotation with the Launch Pad.

Bloodhound compliments this team nicely. If you’re rotating fast, his Eye of the Allfather tactical will allow you and your team to see where the enemies are around you. Bloodhound is especially good for late-game, as knowing where is safe or where the enemies are is important for positioning and setting yourself up for victory.

Further, although Octane did receive a slight nerf to his stim in the Legacy patch notes, taking more damage than he used to, he is still extremely useful for fast rotations, and those who learn to pace themselves and use his stim wisely will still get the most out of him.

Slow Rotation: Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Wraith

Apex Legends best ranked wraith

The slow rotation comp is best for teams who want to take their time looting, playing the edge of the circle, and closing in on victory. This is a playstyle team G2 has had a lot of success within the 2021 ALGS Championship.

This team comp is perfect for landing at edge locations, like Trials on World’s Edge. This is because Gibraltar and Bangalore can provide the team with great protection even without the best position in the circle. Bangalore’s smoke can be used in various ways, covering yourself or covering an enemy team’s line of sight on you.

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher combined with Gibraltar’s dome can keep your team alive in the worst of positions, not to mention their ultimates. These two both have similar areas of damage ultimates, as both Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder and Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment can be used for crown control while maintaining positions.

Lastly, Wraith completes this team comp, giving the squad an attacking dimension to ward of enemies, while also using her Dimensional Rift to help rotation. When you rotate slow and play the edge of the circle, Wraith’s portal can act as a very effective rotation technique to prevent you and your team from running into a bad situation on the way. Further, since Low Profile’s removal, Wraith is better than she has ever been.

Ultra Attacking: Valkyrie, Pathfinder, and Wraith

valkyrie in apex legends

This team comp is for those who have a less defensive playstyle and a more attacking mindset. All the Legends on this team thrive on fast pushes and a joint attacking effort.

Valkyrie can provide different angles and pokes with her mobility, taking high-ground and dominating teams below. Her ultimate also offers a strong rotation option for offensive and defensive plays to get the team in better positions.

Pathfinder is another great mobility option for this team, gaining different angles and keeping up with Valkyrie by gaining high ground. Further, as Pathfinder is also a survey character, this allows the team to have the advantage of knowing the next circle. Once again, since Low Profile’s removal, Pathfinder is yet again one of the strongest attack Legends in the game.

Wraith also completes the team here as well, but in this case, it’s not for her portal, but more for her tactical. Wraith’s tactical, Into the Void, prevents her from taking damage for a short period of time. This will essentially allow her to stay alive longer and sustain fights much more than any other Legend. This will allow Pathfinder and Valkyrie to gain different angles and not worry too much about protecting Wraith.

Ultra Defensive: Caustic, Wattson, and Lifeline

Apex Legends best ranked wattson

For teams who want a more defensive edge, this team comp is the best for you. All the Legends on this team provide a great defensive line that will allow you and your teammates to hold down positions and stay alive while fighting enemies.

Caustic will be the anchor of this team, setting up his traps in good positions acting as a hub for the squad. Wattson combines so well with Caustic, setting up fences on doors to scare aggressive teams from pushing your position, which is even better since they fixed her accidental nerf. Even if they manage to get through the fences, Caustic’s gas will act as a further defense.

Wattson’s ultimate ability, Interception Pylon, is a great defensive ultimate that will prevent a variety of incoming ordnance, as well as repairing the team’s shields.

This ultimate will also stop Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment, Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, Fuse’s Motherlode, and also Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade, so use the pylon wisely. Make sure your Caustic and Wattson are coordinated, as Wattson’s pylon can also prevent Caustic from putting down his gas traps.

Lastly, Lifeline will keep your team healed, and if someone goes down, she will get them up in no time. Combined with Wattson, your team will be good on shields and health, creating a great defensive team.

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