Apex Legends Season 9 finally removes Low Profile

Wattson in Apex Legends

Ever since its launch, Low Profile has divided fans of Apex Legends. Two years and nine seasons later, Respawn has finally called time on the debuff, removing it from the game’s less-armored Legends in Season 9: Legacy.

Apex Legends come in all shapes and sizes, so in an attempt to balance some of the game’s smaller and quicker characters, Respawn introduced Low Profile. Characters like Wraith and Wattson could make use of their speed, but their damage taken increased by 5% as a result.

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Respawn removed Low Profile from Pathfinder earlier in the year, and confirmed plans to take it out of the game completely. Finally, that time has come, with the debuff exiting the game as part of the Season 9: Legacy seasonal update in May.

Wraith in Apex Legends

From Season 9 onwards, these smaller Legends will take the same damage compared to their bigger counterparts, leveling the playing field in terms of damage.

There is one exception though. Fortified Legends like Caustic and Gibraltar will retain their buff, which reduces incoming damage by 15% to make up for the larger hitboxes.

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When the plan was first discussed back in March, Respawn developer Daniel Klein admitted that a need to “nerf Lifeline” was proving to be a challenge in removing Low Profile entirely. That has been addressed by the significant revamp the healer will receive in Season 9.

Lifeline in Apex Legends

While Lifeline is getting an overhaul, the removal of Low Profile will be the only changes to Wraith and Wattson, at least for the time being.

Fans of the popular battle royale won’t have long to wait to get their hands on Apex Legends Season 9, which drops on May 4. The update will see the introduction of the new Legend Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow weapon, and changes to Olympus.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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