Apex Legends Season 14 ranked changes: Results, Entry Cost, Kill RP, & Rank Reset

Joseph Pascoulis
Vantage and Echo in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 will be bringing some changes to the Ranked Leagues, so for those with a competitive spirit, here’s all the information you need to know.

The Apex Legends Season 14 update is aiming to bring some major changes to the game.

Not only have the devs brought in a highly requested quality of life change in the patch notes, but we have also had details on Battle Pass changes and the buffs and nerfs coming to Legends and weapons in the new season.

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With that said, the patch notes also detail changes to the beloved ranked mode, which fans have been calling for since the disappointment with Ranked Reloaded in Season 13.

Here are all of the Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked Leagues changes to Entry Cost, Kill RP, and the results for the previous season.

apex legends season 14 caustic battle pass skin

Apex Legends Season 14 ranked changes

Entry Cost

First off, Respawn Entertainment have decided to make yet another change to the Entry Cost for Ranked in Apex Legends Season 14.

In Season 13, the Entry Cost changed across the two splits, with the devs decreasing the Entry Cost in the second. It seems the devs are reverting this change for Season 14, as the Entry Cost for all divisions will be increased by five.

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Kill RP

Next up we have a change for Kill RP in Apex Legends Season 14. Since the drastic changes to ranked in Season 13, Kill RP has been less prominent, and it seems the Season 14 ranked changes are looking to balance that.

The devs have decided to remove “diminishing returns on eliminations,” which means that players will no longer receive less RP for kills without high placement.

This should give Kill RP more importance, making for a more aggressive ranked experience.

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Rank Reset

Lastly, the devs mentioned the Rank Reset, confirming that there is “no change.” players will have their rank reset by six divisions, meaning that if you were Platinum I, you will be demoted to Gold II.

Apex Legends Season 13 ranked results

ranked reloaded apex legends

The Apex Legends Season 14 patch notes also revealed the Season 13 ranked results, showing the percentages of players in each of the ranked divisions for those who “played more than 10 hours of Ranked.”

As there were some changes made in the middle of Season 13, there is a slight difference in the percentages of Split 1 and Split 2 for Apex Legends Season 13.

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Split 1

  • 10.80% Bronze (0%)
  • 28.78% Silver (3.78%)
  • 44.45% Gold (25.12%)
  • 14.60% Platinum (39.52%)
  • 1.25% Diamond (26.63%)
  • 0.10% Master & Apex Predator (4.95%)

Split 2

  • 2.22% Bronze (0.01%)
  • 15.22% Silver (4.28%)
  • 41.50% Gold (25.48%)
  • 32.57% Platinum (42.80%)
  • 8.05% Diamond (23.56%)
  • 0.45% Master & Apex Predator (3.87%)

As you can see, it was slightly easier for players to climb in the second split, but as there haven’t been any major changes for Season 14, we expect to see similar results as Season 13 Split 2 for the new update.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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