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Apex Legends Season 14 brings massive change to Battle Pass challenges

Apex Legends Season 14 is bringing a huge quality of life upgrade to Battle Pass challenges that gives players more freedom.



apex legends season 14 caustic battle pass skin

The Apex Legends Battle Pass challenges will be getting a major change in Season 14 that allows players to complete them freely.

Apex Legends Season 14‘s brand-new Battle Pass has been revealed by the devs, showing off a collection of rewards that players will be grinding for.

While players get to grips with Vantage and Kings Canyon map changes, they will be attempting to complete challenges in order to level up their Battle Pass and unlock rewards.

That said, sometimes players attempt challenges for game modes that they don’t want to play, leaving them demotivated to level up their Battle Pass. Luckily, the devs have decided to change the system to alleviate this issue in Season 14.

Starting from August 9, the Apex Legends Battle Pass challenges will now feature a Battle Royale and non-Battle Royale option, so that no matter what game mode players choose they can complete their challenges.

For example, a player could have a Battle Royale challenge that requires the player to deal 500 damage in a single match. However, this challenge will have a non-Battle Royale counterpart that requires the player to get 750 damage in a single match, which could be through Arenas or perhaps an LTM.

Jordan Rapp, the Game Designer for Apex Legends, presented the change on Twitter, showing off some examples and expressing his excitement to have helped bring this change.

The dev states that they hope the change allows all players to “have more fun and flexibility” when completing the Battle Pass in Season 14.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment