Apex Legends Season 13 will bring zero buffs to Lifeline

apex legends lifeline newcastle

Apex Legends Season 13 will bring a variety of changes to the battle royale, but unfortunately for Lifeline mains, it seems the Support Legend will remain untouched.

Apex Legends Season 13 will be bringing some big changes to the game. Not only will there be updates to Storm Point, but the devs have finally answered the community’s prayers and are bringing some much-needed changes to the Ranked system.

Despite all this, there is one issue that the community has with Season 13, as the new Legend, Newcastle, seems to make Lifeline even more obsolete.

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Players thought this would mean Lifeline could be getting a rework, but sadly it seems this is not the case, as the devs have made a comment on the Season 13 Legend changes.

apex legends newcastle passive revive

During an Apex Legends Season 13 press release QnA with EA, a dev answered a question regarding changes coming to Lifeline, which is in question due to the arrival of Newcastle and his potential for reviving players.

For those that don’t know, Newcastle’s Passive ability allows him to revive teammates with their Knockdown Shield, while also being able to move. This makes Lifeline’s revive seem weak in comparison, and has made the community feel as if she is in need of a rework.

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Unfortunately, Senior Game Designer Devan McGuire confirmed that “no Lifeline changes are coming in Season 13,” mainly because they feel she is in a great spot with both her pick and win rate percentages.

This is yet another blow to Lifeline mains, as the Legend has gone through so many changes in the past and had so much great aspects of her kit removed. What’s worse is that these great aspects are often moved to other Legends.

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For example, Gibraltar was given a fast heal within his bubble and now Newcastle is getting a shield to revive, which was previously removed from her kit.

Having said that, the devs did say that Lifeline is being looked into, so perhaps things will change if the Legend doesn’t perform well this season.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment