Apex Legends: Ranked Arenas release date & more

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apex legends ranked arenas

New information has leaked regarding a ranked playlist for the new 3v3 Arenas mode in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy.

Apex Legends Season 9 has been out for some time now, with players enjoying Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow, and infested Olympus. Although Arenas is extremely fun even without a ranked playlist, it seems players have had enough of public games and wish to compete more competitively.

Apex Legends dataminers have revealed a date for when players can expect this ranked Arenas playlist, which is sooner than many would think.

apex legends ranked arenas

Apex Legends ranked Arenas

Players have been enjoying Season 9 so far, especially as the Bocek Bow and Spitfire have now finally received nerfs, as well as some bug fixes with Valkyrie and Arenas in the recent update.

The Arenas game mode has given players a new way to play the battle royale and can even help teams get better at the fundamentals of the game through isolated 3v3 combat. Arenas is a great way to get you and your team warmed up for Ranked Leagues, improving coordination and callouts, as well as experimenting or perfecting certain team compositions.

It turns out Apex pros and streamers are also enjoying Arenas. However, there is equally a demand for the new mode to have a ranked playlist.

Nokokopuffs even sees the game mode as having potential for a “competitive scene” and even claims the current mode doesn’t have skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), but this was corrected by Respawn developer Ryan Rigney, who confirmed the mode does have some form of “rating system” the more you play.


When can we expect ranked Arenas?

Apex Legends dataminer @Shrugtal is very trustworthy when it comes to leaks, as he also recently revealed the Arenas Flash event, which did, in fact, arrive on May 11th, as he reported.

It seems he has not only leaked a release date but has also revealed the ranked layout that is currently in the public build.

Remember, these are just leaks, and this is most likely unfinished. However, it is still interesting to see the current layout and get a good idea of how ranked Arenas will work in the future.

According to Shrugtal, ranked Arenas will arrive on June 29th, at 10 AM PT. We will update this piece with any new information regarding the arrival of the more competitive version of Arenas when it is made available.

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