Apex Legends players still frustrated with Octane audio issues

Andrew Highton
Apex Legends Octane Character

Despite a nerf to Octane in Season 10, players are still complaining that his Launch Pad doesn’t make anywhere near enough noise.

Octane continues to be one of Apex Legends’ most selected characters in Season 10. His Launch Pad has been one of the biggest selling points for Octane as it can get players out of desperate situations and help to hunt unsuspecting enemies.

Players have complained for months that it doesn’t make enough noise and is a bit too broken compared to other Legends.

Despite not mentioning it in the Season 10 patch notes, Respawn did reveal that a secret nerf to Octane had been implemented. However, it isn’t satisfying the players as they believe that Octane’s audio is still too quiet.

octane emoting in apex legends

Director of Comms at Respawn Entertainment has previously stated: “Just heard from a dev about an Emergence update change that didn’t get tracked in the patch notes: The audio triggered by players’ landing impacts should be louder when they’re coming in from a jump pad.

As stated, the noise from Launch Pad jumps has increased during Season 10, but only to an extent, it seems.

Reddit user AdamDChopper posed the question, “Tell me again why flying with a jump pad doesn’t make any sound?”

Their statement was backed up by a gameplay video of them, and whilst they were able to hear a player using a Launch Pad from quite a few meters away, they heard absolutely nothing behind them. As a result, they were quickly gunned down by two players that had clearly jumped themselves to get to the player’s location.

They added a follow-up comment to emphasize the issues further: “The best thing is that I could hear the guy using the jump pad 50 meters away clearly. But the two people flying right behind my head? Not a single soundbite. You can see from my reaction after being shot how confused I was. The damage indicators indicated I was being shot at from above, so I thought there is someone on a rooftop above me and taking pod shots.”

“But then I realized there is no roof in that direction, and then they were already beside me, and I was dead.”

It’s well-documented how powerful and popular Octane is in Apex Legends, even with the emergence of Seer. We’ll have to see if Respawn believes that any further action against Octane’s Launch Pad is required.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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