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Apex Legends players call for fan-favorite LTM to make a return

Apex Legends players are calling for a fan-favorite Limited Time Mode to make its way back into the battle royale for Season 10.



apex legends shadowfall event

Apex Legends Season 10 is well underway, and with new events expected to come soon, players are calling for a classic LTM to return.

Apex Legends Season 10 introduced loads of new content for players, but one thing fans are waiting for is a new event. As well as a new Heirloom and Collection Event, new events can often bring a Limited Time Mode.

Last season we saw the original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge make a return for the Season 9 LTM, but with Halloween approaching, many believe a fan-favorite mode could make a return.

apex legends players call for shadowfall

There have already been some interesting leaks surrounding a new Collection Event and Heirloom, where a new Revenant and Bloodhound skin gave us hints towards a Monster-themed event.

This would make sense as Season 10 will cross over with Halloween on October 31, which is leading some players to suspect we will see the classic Halloween LTM.

Player calls for Shadowfall LTM to return

Reddit user poltergeistchan put up a post reminiscing about the “original Shadowfall” LTM, which was first released back in October 2019.

Although this mode did return in the second Halloween event for Apex Legends in 2020, it was slightly different to the original Shadowfall event: which was Revenant’s first appearance in the game, but only as an announcer.

The player states he feels bad for anyone who missed out on the event, especially those new players who have recently started enjoying the game after seeing the likes of NICKMERCS play the ranked mode.

Others in the comments also agree, with one stating how “thrilling” the event was: “There was something about hearing the shadows before seeing them that just sent the heart rate racing”

The mode was fairly simple, Legends were pitted against “Shadows,” players with fast movement and almost unlimited climbing. The first Shadow is chosen at random, and their mission is to kill Legends and subsequently turn the whole lobby into Shadows by doing so.

Unfortunately, this mode is only available during Halloween, so hopefully, we can see it once more come October 2021.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment