Apex Legends players ruining matches to complete Bloodhound Chronicles event

Hamza Khalid
Bloodhound in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have begun killing their teammates and ruining matches for others so that they can complete the new Bloodhound Chronicles event quickly.

Apex Chronicles is a brand-new event in Apex Legends Season 10 that arrived on September 29.

Bloodhound was given all-new quests and rewards that players could complete.

While the fans are enjoying this new addition to the battle royale, some players have started ruining the fun for others by sabotaging their teammates in an effort to complete the event faster.

Apex Legends bloodhound

The Chronicle event requires Bloodhound players to land on the Worlds Edge map to complete quests. However, some players are landing elsewhere and then leaving the map after realizing the mistake.

Jumpmasters are also doing this, which causes their entire squad to get killed. This is what happened to Redditor FacchiniBR when they decided to join a Kings Canyon match.

The Bloodhound in their team decided to kill him and the other squad member to get into a new match to complete the event instead of playing out the match they were already playing.

This is a result of Apex Legends players not correctly checking the current map on rotation. Now, their immediate solution is to eliminate their teammates and themselves to speed things up.

It remains to be seen whether or not Respawn will do something about this. Introducing a no-fill feature on the menu would stop players from being put with teammates who could potentially sabotage their matches.

Whatever solutions could be implemented to stop this frustrating issue, there is no doubt that the Apex Legends community is hoping something can be done to prevent players from ruining the matches for others during this new event for the battle royale game.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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