Apex Legends players react to major Mad Maggie buffs in Season 14

Joseph Pascoulis
Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Mad Maggie will be receiving some hefty buffs in the Season 14 update, leading to major reactions from the community.

Apex Legends Season 14 is set to bring a heap of changes and new content, from various buffs and nerfs to the brand-new Legend Vantage.

Like any new season of Apex, the patch notes tend to ignite community reactions, especially when the update brings major changes such as highly requested quality of life and Battle Pass changes.

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One of the biggest buffs coming in the Apex Legends Season 14 update is for Mad Maggie, who hasn’t been the most popular Legend since her introduction in Season 12.

mad maggie apex legends

The buff gives Mad Maggie a great boost to her Ultimate ability, which will now counter many of the strong defensive Legends such as Gibraltar, Caustic, Newcastle, and Rampart:

  • Wrecking Ball: 
    • Will travel twice as far while dropping the same amount of magnets.
    • Duration increased from 5 sec → 10 sec.
    • Magnet Spawn delay increased from 0.4 sec → 0.8 sec.
    • Wrecking Ball will deal damage to enemy placeable objects: Black Market, Castle Walls, Exhibit, Death Totem, Mobile Shield, Black Hole, Amped Cover, and Gas Barrels. It will also destroy Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.
    • Fixed Wrecking Ball not blinding and slowing enemies.

This has led to some interesting community reactions, with the majority of players feeling like Mad Maggie could be very strong in Season 14 thanks to these changes.

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Apex Legends pro C9 Naughty reacted by Tweeting “holy f****** Mad Maggie meta,” showing just how strong even the pros feel this buff is.

The main change to Mad Maggie’s kit that is fueling the excitement is that her Wrecking Ball can now destroy Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, which has been one of the strongest abilities in the competitive scene since the very beginning.

In the comments of C9 Naughty’s post one user says “it does WHAT to gibby bubbles,” while another also shares their surprise at the change by saying “Anti gibby anything is so great boring a** meta it’s been for yeaarrrsss.”

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Apex Legends content creator BirnoOCE also reacted to the buffs by saying “Maggie about to be f****** nutts holy s***.”

As you can see, the community clearly agrees that these Mad Maggie changes are a huge buff to her kit, and that we could see the Legend climb to the top of the meta for Season 14.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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