Apex Legends players furious over code glitch despite 25 free Battle Pass levels

Andrew Highton
apex legends error

A widespread “code: clog” bug has prevented Apex Legends players from being able to log in. Respawn Entertainment is trying to help players make up for lost time with 25 free Battle Pass tiers, but it’s doing little to help the frustration.

Season 8 of Apex Legends has been quite successful so far with few problems to speak of. The only real concern has been an invisibility glitch that has caused a few headaches, but other than that, it’s been quiet on the problem front.

However, one lingering issue that has been a constant for several weeks now is the various “code” issues that keep popping up. Apex Legends is currently suffering from a game-breaking code bug that will kick players out to the main menu, and then not let them back into any more games.

As a result, players affected by the new code: clog bug can expect to receive free Battle Pass levels to make up for the lost time and help advance progress.

The infinite loading glitch screen has meant that many regular players have had to miss out on an awful lot of potential matches and content in Season 8.

One of the biggest universal complaints concerning the bug has been that not only have players been deprived of their accounts with all their paid content, but they also missed out on the Anniversary Event and its reward opportunities.

In the thread to the original Tweets, one user said, “Still can’t logon. Still hard crash, no errors. Even if/when fixed, I’ve missed: 3 x Wraith Trackers, 2 x Weapon Charm, Second to None R-99 Skin, Demon’s Claw Spitfire Skin, 3 x Happy 2nd Anniversary Holospray, 10 x Apex Packs, 2 x Anniversary Collection Pack. How about rewarding us those?”

There were also another complaint below that one.

The Anniversary Event was a special way to commemorate the success of Apex Legends, but these limited-time items may be locked away forever.

apex legends season 8 anniversary event

How to claim code: clog 25 free Battle Pass tiers

The code problem currently seems to be attributed to people’s actual Apex accounts, meaning that if anyone is desperately craving Apex and wants their fix, they’ll have to play on another account for the time being.

Respawn hasn’t specified when exactly players will be able to get the free levels, but we can imagine they will be added to all applicable accounts soon. It does mean that anyone experiencing the issue will miss out on the upcoming Chaos Theory Event.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments to the ongoing bug that is currently plaguing many Apex Legends accounts.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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