Apex Legends players fed up with server “prediction errors”

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends fps prediction error symbol

Apex Legends players are calling for the devs to fix the servers as they are constantly hit with “prediction errors” in Season 13.

Apex Legends Season 13 has had its fair share of server issues, especially when it comes to exploits in the Ranked Leagues.

While some of these problems have been fixed, it seems players are still experiencing server issues in Season 13, more specifically “prediction errors,” which are indicated with a symbol on the top right of a player’s screen.

apex legends server issue symbols

For those unaware, server issues are indicated with symbols that appear on the top right of the player’s screen. The symbols indicate either latency, congestion, packet loss, or a prediction error.

The symbol for a prediction error is what players have been experiencing a lot in-game since the launch of Apex Legends Season 13.

Reddit user MOCbKA voiced their frustrations with the server issues in the Apex Legends subreddit, showing gameplay of the prediction error happening while asking for the devs to fix their game.

As you can see from the post, the player’s connection is absolutely fine, but they are “constantly” getting hit by prediction errors.

This is an issue on the server-side of things and something that the player can’t help. It seems they aren’t alone in getting these prediction errors either, as many in the comments are sharing similar experiences: “Same thing happens to me also…Me too! I hate it!”

The comments are filled with a plethora of users sharing similar experiences, with some also explaining how it ruined their ranked games, where a lot is at stake.

It’s definitely frustrating when the player can’t do anything about the issue, especially when playing the “new hardcore ranked system.” Hopefully, the devs can do something about this issue fast, as it seems to really be causing frustration among the community.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment