Apex Legends players discover that Revenant and Wraith can get into World’s Edge vault without key

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends World's edge

Apex Legends players have already found a sneaky exploit on World’s Edge that gives them access to the vault loot without the key.

Apex Legends has been having its most successful season since release with the Legacy update, which introduced the Bocek Bow, Valkyrie, the new Legend, and a 3v3 mode Arenas.

As well as new content, World’s Edge finally returned to the public game rotation after taking a hiatus during the previous season and being the setting for the first split of ranked.

Apex Legends World's Edge Wraith

World’s Edge has only just returned, but players have already found a way to exploit the loot vaults through Wraith and Revenant’s ultimate abilities.

Apex Legends World’s Edge vault exploit

A video was posted over on Reddit showing players using Revenants Death Totem and Wraith’s Dimensional Rift to wall breach the vault located in the cave next to POI Geyser.

Revenant places his Death Totem in between an open loot bin and the wall behind it in the video. Wraith then activates her Dimensional Rift, uses the Death Totem, which allows her to breach the wall into the vault and place her portal for the rest of the team to come through.

Of course, players will only have a limited time until the Wraith portal disappears and the players are stuck in the vault. However, that is still plenty of time for them to take all the loot and return through the portal.

This is a fairly new exploit and hasn’t yet been addressed by Respawn Entertainment. However, once it is brought to their attention, it will definitely be patched.

Until then, this will no doubt be used by some teams with Revenant and Wraith players to acquire all of the valuable loot the vault on World’s Edge has to offer or even set up ambushes for teams going into the vault using a key.

We suggest being extra cautious going to the vault for the time being, as you may find a Wraith and Revenant lying ready to strike.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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