Apex Legends players discover hilarious emote bug in Season 9: Legacy

apex legends emote bug

Some Apex Legends players discovered a hilarious bug within Season 9: Legacy, which allows them to move around while performing the new standing emotes.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy has been a great success so far, introducing a huge amount of content to the game, with some implementations much bigger than others in the patch notes.

The bigger implementations include Arenas, Valkyrie, Infested Olympus, and the Bocek Bow, while some of the smaller ones include quality-of-life changes and the new standing emotes. However, it seems the smaller implementation of emotes is causing more problems than Respawn Entertainment expected.

apex legends bloodhound with ravenRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends emote bug

This season saw Apex Legends add the new standing emotes to the game, introducing a new way for players to express themselves. These new emotes include some interesting animations, some of which are more eccentric than others.

It seems the devs did take some precautions for the emotes, making sure players weren’t going to exploit them by implementing an anti-peek system that prevents players from seeing enemies while in the third-person emote.

However, as always, players have found a way to exploit the emotes, activating them at a particular time while sliding down a hill to emote while keeping the momentum.

Although there isn’t much, you can do while emoting. It’s still hilarious and funny to watch your teammate emote down a hill while evading bullets.

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There is no doubt that the community’s most talented players will be able to use this bug to create some entertaining highlights before it is fixed by Respawn Entertainment in the future.

Of course, this is a bug and should not be in the game. Clearly, Respawn overlooked this and will most likely be fixed in the future, but for now, enjoy rolling down the hill while Octane goes crazy on the jump pad.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment