Apex Legends players call for League of Legends-style honor system

Apex Legends roster

Several Apex Legends players have called for Respawn Entertainment to implement a League of Legends-style honor system that rewards players who showcase good behavior.

There is a ton of exciting new content to enjoy in Apex Legends Season 10, including the new Legend Seer and a Ranked Arenas mode. Fans are always wondering what other additions Respawn has planned next.

Sometimes, players will recommend that the devs borrow features from other titles like Halo: Infinite. Now, Apex Legends fans want Respawn to implement a system from League of Legends.

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Fuse in Apex Legends

Reddit user Rot_Snocket suggested that the Apex Legends developers should implement an honor system that punishes toxic players while rewarding positive fans with Apex Packs.

The Redditor wants Apex Legends to take inspiration from the MOBA game League of Legends. It has an honor system that comes with the option to reward specific teammates.

This may encourage players to play better and be friendlier towards others during a match of Apex Legends.

If Respawn took inspiration from League of Legend’s honor system, then players would have the opportunity to build up their honor level over time by playing well and showing good behavior.

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Even if those players don’t receive free Apex packs, they could still be rewarded with something smaller like a set of badges, gun charms, or other cosmetics. This system might become popular with fans.

Hopefully, Respawn will implement a similar system at some point. For more Apex Legends, check out how to get a free Apex Legends Twitch Prime skin in September.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment