Apex Legends player suggests how to add Fortnite carry mechanic

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends fortnite carry mechanic

What would it look like if Apex Legends were to introduce Fornite’s carry mechanic? One Apex Legends player has come up with some great concepts for the design, which the community seems to love.

Apex Legends has been pretty influential in the battle royale scene, introducing mechanics like the ability to respawn teammates in-game, which Fortnite subsequently also brought to their shooter.

Having said that, it seems the Apex community would like to see the carry mechanic from Fortnite enter Respawn’s battle royale, and one player has even come up with concepts on how the developers could add it in.

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In Fortnite, players can carry both downed teammates and enemy players, picking them up and carrying them on their shoulder.

This is a great mechanic that players can use offensively and defensively, either carrying a downed teammate to safety to be revived or taking a downed enemy away from their team.

A player on the Apex Legends subreddit put up a post with concepts on how Respawn could bring the carry mechanic into their battle royale, which the community seems to really like.

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Reddit user fortniteplayerGG put up a post with the caption: “How I think different legends would carry a down team are to safety if it was in the game.”

The post contains an image of how all the different Legends in the game should carry downed teammates if the mechanic from Fortnite was in the game.

It’s great to see the personality of each Legend put into something so simple as carrying downed teammates, as Revenant and Caustic’s dragging carry seems to fit so well.

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The post has gained over 10,000 upvotes on Reddit, clearly showing the communities fondness of the idea, as well as positive comments like: “Love this idea!!!”

As one of the comments suggests, it’s unlikely that Respawn will actually incorporate this mechanic, at least not any time soon. However, if the demand is there, which it seems to be, perhaps they will give it some thought.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Epic Games

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