Apex Legends “Pit of Death” glitch is trapping players in World’s Edge map

apex legends season 10 worlds edge map

Apex Legends has three maps that are all very popular with the player base, but one of them, World’s Edge, currently has a tricky, glitched spot that can be impossible to get out of.

A big advantage that helps Apex Legends to stand out from its battle royale competition is that instead of having one big map that undergoes slight cosmetic changes, it has three in circulation. Kings Canyon, Olympus, and World’s Edge comprise the game’s battlegrounds.

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World’s Edge was introduced at the beginning of Season 3 and has proven to be a great addition. However, it seems to have a big flaw as players are reportedly falling into a “Pit of Death” on the map, trapping them for good in some cases.

worlds edge art in apex

The alarming glitched location has been brought to the community’s attention by Reddit user Nezan who shared their unfortunate experience in an eye-opening post called: “BEWARE! Pit of Death in World’s Edge!”

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In the video, we were greeted immediately by the player looking at their trapped teammate stuck in the glitched part of the map.

They were desperately jumping and maneuvering to try and get out of the predicament. To try and assist, Nezan jumped down to try and offer some leverage or a base to climb on.

The rescue proved to be frivolous as Nezan was then trapped, but someone did manage to place down Octane’s Launch Pad Ultimate after trying multiple times, and it did help the teammate to get out. Sadly, it quickly disappeared into the abyss below – trapping Nezan.

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Nezan finished off the video by saying: “I’ll clip it and send it to Respawn [Entertainment] I think.”

In the comments, they replied to a user saying: “Yeah, pretty much every other mobility legend may have helped us here. We tried using nades and our tacticals but it seems like the space it falls into nullifies them so I’m curious if a Horizon tactical would have just fizzled out there.”

This led to another user responding to confirm the answer to this theory: “Nah it woulda worked. I’ve saved a teammate from this exact spot before as Horizon.”

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apex worlds edge map

We have marked the approximate spot on the World’s Edge map above, so be cautious around ‘The Epicenter’ POI.

The post has confirmed that World’s Edge does indeed have a consistently glitched area of the map, and hopefully, Respawn is aware of it.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment