Apex Legends Mobile Diamonds in the Snow event: Diamond Pieces locations, rewards, new Legend teaser

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends mobile world's edge vault

The Apex Legends Mobile “Diamonds in the Snow” limited-time event brings free rewards and also hints at a brand-new Legend joining the roster. Check out our guide on how to complete the event.

Apex Legends Mobile officially launched worldwide on May 17, 2022. Players have seemingly enjoyed the content so far, with some PC and console players even being jealous of the exclusive content.

Apex Legends Mobile received the exclusive Legend Fade upon launch, and now a new limited-time in-game event is teasing another addition to the roster.

apex legends mobile fade

Apex Legends Mobile Diamonds in the Snow event

The new Apex Legends Mobile limited-time event is called Diamonds in the Snow, and it requires players to “go pick up Diamond Pieces from the Vault located at World’s Edge.”

Players can only collect one Diamond per day, and there is a total of three diamonds. Each Diamond will give players a free limited-time reward, including in-game currency, a Rare Holospray, and a Common weapon skin for the Volt.

How to complete the Diamond in the Snow event

In order to get these Diamond Pieces, players will need to follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you’re playing Battle Royale, then find a Vault Key by shooting down a Cargo Drone with a red light on it
  2. Once you have a Vault Key, head over to one of the three Vault locations on the map which are marked with a padlock symbol
  3. Interact with the Vault door, head inside and you should find Loba’s Blackmarket
  4. Simply interact with the Blackmarket and you will obtain one Diamond Piece.

The event teases that a “mysterious Legend is coming,” hinting at who it is with a wolf logo. Those familiar with the PC and console versions of Apex Legends will know this Legend very well.

Check out our piece on who the new Legend is in Apex Legends Mobile to find out more.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment