Apex Legends leak reveals possible Skull Town return with future Kings Canyon changes

apex legends salvage poi

Apex Legends leaks have revealed possible upcoming changes to the Kings Canyon battle royale map, which ultimately points toward the return of fan-favorite POI, Skull Town.

Unfortunately for the devs, a lot of unreleased Apex Legends content has been leaked over the past couple of weeks, including new Legends, weapons, and even Valkyrie’s Heirloom.

For the community, these leaks have been exciting, giving the fanbase an insight into what they could be getting in future seasons, which seems to be a lot of content.

One of the reasons the community will be excited is because these leaks have unearthed possible plans for the infamous Skull Town POI to return to Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Skull Town

Skull Town is arguably the most popular POI in all of Apex, despite being destroyed and taken out of the game back in Season 5.

Now, with new leaks coming out during Season 12, we could be seeing the POI return in the future, as Reddit user Legitimate_Chapter82 reposted some of the anonymous leaker’s findings.

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As well as a brand new BR map, the leaks also revealed future map changes for Kings Canyon, the first map that Apex Legends launched with back in 2019.

In the leaked video, you can clearly see that the POI Salvage has been updated and replaced with some of the original structures from Skull Town.

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The POI isn’t exactly the same as the original Skull Town, but rather a smaller version of the location, with the core buildings and huge skull still remaining.

The name of the POI that took its place, Salvage, now makes a lot more sense. It seems the construction going on in that POI was simply trying to “salvage” the fallen piece of Skull Town in order to rebuild.

Remember, these are just leaks and nothing is confirmed, but if this is true, some of the community haven’t taken the changes to Skull Town very well, with comments stating: “Ruined skulltown. Now its like mini skulltown.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens to Kings Canyon in the future when official information is released. For now, check out the leaked map update for Storm Point.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment