Apex Legends leak reveals Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus

Joseph Pascoulis
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An Apex Legends leaker has revealed plans for a Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus, including leaked images of the new POI, which could be seen in Season 13.

Apex Legends Season 13 saw some new additions to Storm Point, including the Downed Beast and IMC Armories that both hold some impressive loot. Having said that, players are yet to see a new Town Takeover since Big Maude was introduced on World’s Edge.

As well as two new events set for this season, new leaks are suggesting that Lifeline will be getting a Town Takeover in Season 13, which could be based on Olympus.

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Rumors surrounding a new Town Takeover for Apex Legends Season 13 are circulating the community, with some even believing it may coincide with the leaked Collection Event.

Some leakers thought we would be getting a Bangalore Town Takeover on Storm Point this season, but as we already got the Downed Beast and the IMC Armories, it actually may be more likely that we will be seeing a new Town Takeover for a different map and Legend.

Reputable Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash stated in a recent video that he now believes that we may see a Lifeline Town Takeover for Olympus in Season 13, saying that the Bangalore Town Takeover has been “scrapped.”

Further, new quips were leaked from the game files mentioning a “Med Station,” and Lifeline has more quips mentioning this new concept than any other Legend. This suggests it may be specific to her, perhaps the Med Station is actually the name of her Town Takeover POI.

In support of this, Apex Legends leaker Ezra-RC also leaked a brand-new image of the Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus, showing a brand new building with a medical symbol on the front which is supposedly called the “Lifeline Clinic.”

The leak came with three images, one from the outside and two from the inside of this new Lifeline Town Takeover. Inside the building, it seems there will be specific places where players can get health consumables such as Medkits and Syringes.

As more information is released we’ll be sure to update this piece and provide all the information.

As well as a Town Takeover, it is possible we could also be seeing some major buffs for Lifeline in the Apex Legends 13.1 update.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment