Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy completes insane solo Bronze to Apex Predator challenge

Joseph Pascoulis
iitztimmy solo bronze to predator

Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy has officially completed his solo Bronze to Apex Predator challenge, a feat many thought would take the player much longer than it did.

Apex Legends is in a great spot at the moment, not only in terms of new gameplay content in the Season 10 update but also in the sense of its popularity among the gaming community, as popular streamers like NICKMERCS have recently become obsessed with the game’s ranked playlist.

This is great for the game. It gives those dedicated Apex streamers more exposure, allowing them to witness great challenges like iiTzTimmy‘s solo Bronze to Apex Predator challenge, which was extremely impressive.

Apex Legends ranked leagues

Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues is not an easy grind, especially for those who aren’t experienced in the game. In ranked, there are seven ranks to grind through:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Masters
  • Apex Predator

Fortunately for iiTzTimmy, he’s been playing the game and absolutely dominating for some time now, much like his brother, Aceu, who’s currently on NRG’s Apex Legends team.

Although he is mostly known for streaming public games, iiTzTimmy decided to take on a ranked challenge to test himself and prove some haters wrong.

iiTzTimmy completes solo Bronze to Apex Predator challenge

Apex Legends iiTzTimmy

The challenge is simple, go from Bronze to Apex Predator rank as quickly as possible in one stream. Bronze is the first rank players are placed in when they enter Ranked Leagues, and Apex Predator is, of course, the final rank players can achieve.

While some professional players who participate in the ALGS attempt to reach higher placement within the Apex Predator rank, iiTzTimmy’s goal was simply to make it there in one stream.

Ultimately, it took iiTzTimmy 54 hours and 30 minutes to complete his journey from Bronze to Apex Predator, a truly impressive achievement. Timmy also amassed 147k Twitch viewers at the peak of his stream, which is a huge amount of fans supporting him on the way.

You can tell just how much completing this challenge actually meant to Timmy, as he reported his achievement on Twitter:

What’s most impressive about the challenge is not that Timmy achieved Apex Predator rank, but rather the dedication and hard work he put into playing and streaming the game for over two days.

This has left the community stunned, even leaving some relatively smaller streamers like Kaiiazure feeling inspired to work harder in the wake of Timmy’s achievement.

It’s great that Timmy’s solo Bronze to Apex Predator challenge has inspired so many and brought Apex Legends even more exposure than it has recently had. Hopefully, there are more challenges to come for players and fans alike to enjoy.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / iiTzTimmy

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