Apex Legends Heirloom skins and recolors could be coming soon

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Bangalore heirloom

A recent rumor has suggested that players could be seeing new skins and recolors for Apex Legends Heirlooms in the near future.

Apex Legends’ Heirlooms are no doubt the most sought-after items in the free-to-play shooter. There are only a couple of ways players can obtain these extremely rare items, and one of them is to pay a decent chunk of money.

New rumors are suggesting that Respawn may be introducing skins and recolors of Apex Legends Heirlooms, which would be great for those who have spent their hard-earned cash on the cosmetics.

rampart heirloom

We know that the Apex Legends devs plan to bring more Heirloom rarity items into the game very soon, as past leaks have revealed the Crypto Heirloom rarity 1x optic.

Popular Apex Legends leaker and reporter Thordon Smash recently put out a video concerning Apex Legends Heirloom skins and recolors.

In the video, Thordon references leaks from SomeoneWhoLeaks and a tweet from TSM Apex player Nokokopuffs that hint at the possibility of Heirloom skins and recolors coming to the game.

Apex Legends Hierloom skins and recolors

In the tweet from SomeoneWhoLeaks, an EA investor mentioned Heirloom rarity weapon skins coming to Apex Legends.

As the tweet says, of course, fans should take this with a grain of salt, but since we know more Heirloom rarity items will be coming to the game, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.


The fact that the developers are possibly considering adding Heirloom rarity weapon skins gives more credibility to the idea of recolors and skins for the Heirlooms themselves.

As Thordon says in the video, it would make sense for the developers to bring something like this to the game, as it makes Heirlooms seem more attractive to those who don’t have them gives those who have them more for their money.

Another interesting hint towards Heirloom skins and recolors entering the game is a tweet made by Nokopuffs about recolors for Wraith’s Heirloom and Finishers, a producer for Apex Legends at Respawn responded.

The fact that a developer took time out of their day to respond, especially as the response is regarding “general interest.” This would hint at the possibility of something similar coming to the game.

Like any hints and leaks, nothing is confirmed, and it may never come to the game. However, the evidence is mounting, so perhaps we will hear something soon.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment