Apex Legends Halloween event hints at next BR map

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends encore map

The upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event just may have hinted at the next battle royale map for the free-to-play shooter, as the new Arenas map shares similar themes to previous leaks.

For those that don’t know, Apex Legends have officially announced their upcoming Monsters Within Halloween-themed event, which brings new content such as the Shadow Royale LTM to the game for players to get in the spooky spirit.

As well as showing off some new scary skins and cosmetics, players also got a glimpse at the new Arenas map that will be coming with the update, “Encore,” which may be hinting at the theme of the next battle royale map.

Apex Legends Arenas map Encore

The new Apex Legends Halloween Event will be a fresh update for players, which will hopefully release without the server issues that were so devastating in the previous Collection Event.

Although this event isn’t a Collection Event, there will still be a significant amount of content arriving.

The biggest piece of content being introduced through the event is definitely the new Encore map, which possesses a tropical theme similar to what has been leaked about the upcoming BR map.

Apex Legends Arenas map Encore

As we get closer to Season 11, many believe it will indeed be the season that players will receive a brand new battle royale map. Many leaks have suggested this new map will possess a tropical theme, which seems to also be present in the new “Encore” Arenas map.

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From the new Monsters Within Event trailer, players got a closer look at “Encore,” which is based on Seer’s home planet, Boreas. Although this is not the planet many suspect the new map will be based on, as that planet is called Gaea, the tropical theme is definitely present.

Encore takes on a darker map with a slightly sinister vibe. The terrain is sandy and rocky with tropical trees, conveying the planet’s hot temperature. This may be very similar to the tropical island map we may be seeing in Season 11.

Perhaps Respawn Entertainment is getting players used to the tropical atmosphere in time for the new BR map.

Nothing is confirmed and this is just speculation, but we wouldn’t put it past Respawn to hint at future content like this, as they have done it many times in the past.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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