Apex Legends Explosive Holds removed after game-breaking bug

Explosive Holds from Apex Legends

After a brief stint away, players are flooding back to the original Apex Legends map – Kings Canyon. Unfortunately, a game-breaking bug has caused a bumpy start to life in the new season.

To celebrate the launch of Season 10: Emergence, World’s Edge was temporarily the only map available in the game. Olympus and Kings Canyon were then added back into the mix, but players quickly discovered a glitch that doesn’t just ruin their game, but everyone else’s as well.

Upon triggering the bug, the entire lobby immediately shuts down and gamers are booted back to the menus.

Seer from Season 10 of Apex Legends

The bug in question revolves around the Explosive Holds littered across the map. Users began sharing on Reddit on August 10 that detonating the charge to access the loot inside the rooms was causing the whole server to shut down. An error message would display on-screen as soon the grenade explodes.

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Respawn spotted the issue quickly and confirmed after testing that the problem was repeatable. While they work to resolve the bug, all 15 Explosive Holds have been temporarily disabled across Kings Canyon.

Devs confirmed on Twitter that until a permanent fix can be rolled out, the loot rooms will “spawn open”, as not to crash the game’s server. This issue isn’t thought to apply to the Loot Vaults which are also found on the map and they will remain accessible as normal.

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While this is hardly the start to Season 10 Respawn wanted, the silver lining is that King’s Canyon isn’t the current ranked map – World’s Edge is. While still not ideal, a glitch as severe as this coming up in ranked matches could have been a far bigger issue for players.

The fix is expected to arrive relatively shortly as the team seems to be on top of the issue. Soon players will be able to enjoy the season’s new additions, such as the Legend Seer, in all their glory before Season 11 drops in November.