Apex Legends devs making major Storm Point map changes

Hamza Khalid
Storm Point in Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ newest map Storm Point was only released at the start of Season 11, but the developers already have some major changes planned for the tropical map in the next update.

Apex Legends Season 11 brought a plethora of fun content for fans to enjoy, and one of the most notable additions was the brand-new Storm Point map. This map has various cool features, including its own wildlife.

Now, Respawn Entertainment have revealed that they have some more plans for this tropical area, with a dev confirming that some major changes will be implemented soon.

apex legends spiders on Storm Point

Apex Legends level designer Rodney Reece asked fans for feedback on the Storm Point map and then went through any complaints or glitches that he could find. Then on November 10, he promised some updates.

“Thanks to everyone who sent bugs and circle feedback on Storm Point. You made a difference,” the dev stated. “Lots of bugs smashed and lots of circle clean-up will be out in the map soon.”

The developer then elaborated that Respawn will also be making some changes to the Storm Point cover by making the rocks bigger and adding more areas for players to hide behind.

“[We have changed] things like rocks, which are now larger to provide more cover, [and] some areas have new cover and more in general around choke [points].” Reece confirmed that the updates will arrive “long before the season is over.”

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The developer then explained that any end-circle “should never end on wildlife locations or buildings.” If that happens players should report that as a bug, and Respawn will look into it.

It’s reassuring to know that the developers pay attention to player feedback, and these aren’t the only changes we’ll see in Apex Legends Season 11. Respawn have also hinted at some major ranked changes after the recent rank point rework.  

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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