Apex Legends devs make highly-requested progression changes in Season 12

Luca Di Marzo
Apex Legends Season 12 progression changes

New progression changes coming to Apex Legends Season 12 will allow players to complete challenges regardless of their preferred game mode.

Apex Legends players are eager to get their hands on Season 12 content what with a brand new legend in Mad Maggie and significant map changes to discover. However, another major addition coming in Season 12 is the new LTM: Control.

With a ton of new content to test out, players will hardly know where to begin. Fortunately, a brand new change concerning the progression system will give players the freedom to complete challenges as they please.

Mad Maggie Season 12 Apex Legends

Season 12 of Apex Legends is set to introduce a new LTM called Control that will act as a change of pace for players of the battle royale. In previous seasons certain challenges would be restricted to specific game modes.

After complaints from the Apex Legends community, it seems as though Respawn has answered the call to allow all game modes to impact Battle Pass progression.

Throughout Season 12, Apex Legends players will be able to complete daily and weekly challenges that encompass all modes. This non-restrictive system is exactly what Apex players have been calling for.

In addition to these all-encompassing challenges, there will also be Control-specific challenges that accompany the limited-time mode.

The Control LTM will begin on February 8 and be available to players for the first three weeks of the season. The good news is that these changes will not restrict players to the new game mode in order to complete certain challenges.

Control is likely to return as a permanent game mode in the future so keep in mind that any badges you earn while it is active will carry over once it returns.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment