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Apex Legends players call for Respawn to add classic Call of Duty mode

Apex Legends players are calling for the developers to bring a classic Call of Duty mode to the game’s Arenas maps.



Lifeline aiming a Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want Respawn Entertainment to add a classic Call of Duty game mode that would perfectly suit the game’s Arena maps.

Apex Legends has been hugely influential in the battle royale scene, with competing titles like Fortnite later incorporating some of its mechanics like sliding. Sometimes, Apex players also ask for features from other games.

Previously, there were requests for Respawn to add the Fortnite carry mechanic. Now, Apex Legends fans are calling for the developers to bring in a classic game mode from the Call of Duty series.

apex legends control LTM

Reddit user ‘christuhfurr’ suggested in the Apex Legends subreddit that Respawn should add the ‘Gun Game’ mode that originated in Call of Duty’s Black Ops series.

Gun Game is a free-for-all mode, where players kill opponents to get better and more powerful weapons. Each elimination grants players a better gun, with the first player to get kills with every weapon declared the winner. Players killed by melee attacks in this game mode would be demoted a weapon.

The Redditor claimed that this game mode would be perfect for Apex Legends’ Arenas maps. They then suggested the order of weapons, starting with a P2020 and ending with Mozambique shotgun.

Many other players in the thread were on board with this idea. There were discussions about aspects like how the different Legends would perform in this mode, as well as the order of weapon progression.

One user suggested a different order of guns: “I’d love a Gun Game mode, but better guns would have to be near the start because if you don’t get a kill quickly, you have no chance of catching up with a P2020.”

The developers are keen to add new game modes, with Apex Legends Season 12 bringing a team-based LTM called ‘Control.’ So, we might see something like CoD’s Gun Game implemented one day.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment