Apex Legends devs drop major clue about next Heirloom

Andrew Highton
apex legends heirloom

Ahead of the launch of Apex Legends Season 10, we may already have a sneaky suspicion about who’s getting the next Heirloom, thanks to a Respawn dev.

Juggling an entire roster of Legends is an unenviable task that Respawn Entertainment has to keep on top of. This means buffing Legends that aren’t meta and aren’t considered strong enough to win with, and nerfing Legends that are overused to the point of saturation.

To keep everyone fresh, another exciting thing that fans look forward to is the next Apex Heirloom. If you aren’t aware, Heirlooms are incredibly rare cosmetic items for a Legend that require 150 Heirloom Shards to get.

One of the Respawn devs has suggested that they might follow an earlier method of buffing a Legend and accompanying this enhancement with an Heirloom.

apex legends seer legend

With confirmed map changes coming in Apex Legends Season 10 and all-manner of new content, Season 10 is shaping up to be a big one.

The battle royale game is adding Seer as a new Legend, taking the game’s total count up to 18. As it stands, eight of them (nine including Seer) don’t have an Heirloom.

But thanks to Respawn’s Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein, we may have an idea of what to expect going forward.

A previous Legend was on the receiving end of a buff and Heirloom joint update as both changes were ready to go at the same time. Daniel has hinted that the same thing could be happening again very soon.

If we were to properly analyze the current meta and the status of each Legend, it becomes a bit more clear that Crypto, Loba, and Wattson are possible contenders for this double-whammy.

That being said, this is pure speculation on our part, and we shall await confirmation from Respawn Entertainment about which Legend will get the special treatment.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment