Apex Legends devs could ditch Heirloom recolors for Prestige Skins

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends bloodhound wraith heirloom

Some in the Apex Legends community believe that Heirloom recolors have been ditched for the new Prestige Skins as they would not be profitable.

Apex Legends Heirlooms are the most sought-after items in the whole game. Although quite a few Legends now have one, they are still extremely rare, especially as the game has risen in popularity bringing in new players.

In Season 12, players were also introduced to a new Mythic-tier item called Prestige Skins, which are released and obtained in the same way as Heirlooms.

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With all the rumors surrounding Heirloom recolors, some actually think that these Prestige Skins have replaced the previous concept.

apex legends bloodhound prestige skin

Previously, rumors suggested that Respawn were looking into bringing recolors for Heirlooms, but it’s been quite a while since this debate.

This would have brought an added level of personalization and customization to the game’s most prestigious item, but it seems they may have settled for a different idea.

Apex Legends content creator and leaker Thordan Smash recently posted a video explaining what he believes is going on with Heirloom recolors, suggesting that it doesn’t fit EA’s “business model.”

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Ultimately, the idea is that Respawn and EA would be unable to profit from recolors since they are purchased with Legend Tokens, which is the game’s currency that can only be obtained through gameplay.

This would make Heirloom recolors unprofitable, and therefore could be why they might scrap the idea and focus on Prestige Skins instead.

Prestige Skins cost the same amount as Heirlooms and can be obtained through either Collection Events or with Heirloom Shards in the Mythic Store.

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While some disagree with Respawn and EA’s methods of making money, this could very possibly be the reason that Heirloom recolors will not be making their way to Apex Legends.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not confirmed and is simply just speculation, so Heirloom recolors may still be coming in the future. We’ll keep you updated when this news drops.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment